18 – 21 Jun, 2018|
Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

Dato’ Arif Siddiqui

Former CIO & Group CIO
Standard Chartered Bank & Islamic Banking, Malaysia

Dato’ Arif Siddiqui Former CIO & Group CIO Standard Chartered Bank & Islamic Banking, Malaysia Dato’ Arif was CIO of the Standard Chartered Bank in Malaysia Group CIO of Islamic Banking Standard Chartered. Prior to this, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Scope International Malaysia, Standard Chartered’s Global Shared Services Centre in Kuala Lumpur. He joined Scope International Malaysia in 2005 as the Head of International Software Centre Malaysia (ISCM) and was appointed as the CEO in 2007. Dato’ Arif was overseeing the full spectrum of Technology and Operations and is responsible for systems development, technology support and banking operations for the Bank’s retail and wholesale banking businesses in Malaysia. Dato’ Arif is a leader in the area of digital transformation and Innovation. In his, leadership Bank has implemented a number of digital initiatives to improve customer experience.

3:30 PM Case study: From 300 Bots to 3000 Bots in One Year - How Standard Chartered Bank Improve Efficiency and Productivity by Massively Scaling Up RPA?

Intelligent RPA in the banking sector needs to be seen not just as a one-time phenomenon that will increase productivity and efficiency by driving down costs and increasing profitability, but as an evolving paradigm that will have distinct stages of maturation spanning from transactional to transformational and disruptive. In 2017, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia have successfully deployed 300 bots. They are planning to scale up to 3000 bots in 2018. Around 10,000 jobs will be impacted due to the massive enterprise-wide automation. In this session, Dato' Arif will walk you through their journey of scalability and share the stories of combating the challenges. 
·              What does the trajectory from micro to mass scale look like?
·              What does the IT environment need to look like going from 0 bot to 300 and 300 to 3000?
·              What is the CoE’s role in scaling?
·              How do you manage when there is more than one service provider involved?
·              How do you validate new tools and who will “train the trainers” within your teams?

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