19 - 22 February, 2019|

Utpal Chakraborty

Head of Artificial Intelligence

9:50 AM Industry Panel : Cognitive Automation and Artificial Intelligence Driving the Next Wave of Intelligence Automation

·         How are enterprisesleveraging on machine learning technologies in conjunction with RPA for decision making?
·         Run before you walk:  Can companies bypass RPA and move straight into cognitive solutions?
·         Can the innovative use of bots pave the way for faster AI adoptability
·         Impact of IA on  workforce utilization in-terms of hiring, re-retraining  and mobilising employees  to focus on more value added tasks

11:00 AM Chat Bots and Virtual Assistants: A New Era of Customer Service!

·         The role of intelligent chat bots with enhanced data analytics features, in achieving your overall digital transformation objectives?
·         Emerging trends chat bots including - optical character recognition, speech-enabled technology and conversational analytics
·         Leveraging on Chat bots to gain customer insights, create better customer interactions and achieve efficiency

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Utpal.

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